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System Updates

From time to time we upgrade certain software on our system in the interests of security and to keep our servers fully features. Notification about periodic system updates can be found on this page.


- Upgrade of Plesk control panel from version 7.0.3 to Plesk Reloaded 7.1.1.

What's will be new in Plesk v.7.5.2 build 75050128.10
1. [*] Autoresponder processes e-mails that arrives on it's alias.
2. [*] Control panel performance improved.
3. [+] New tags are supported in Help Desk tickets notifications.
4. [-] Hard disk quotas is not reset during upgrade anymore.
5. [-] Problem with PostgreSQL start script naming in RedHat EL 3 is resolved.
6. [-] Images of custom logo and custom buttons are now backed up and restored.
7. [-] Password retrieval for domain users works.
8. [-] "Reject mail to nonexistent user" option have no effect if mail is disabled on domain.
9. [-] Autogenerated dump name has correct month number.
10. [-] Subdomain parameters is now displayed properly for domain administrator.
11. [*] PreFork is enabled for Dr.Web.
12. [-] ColdFusion support works.
13. [-] E-mails to full mailbox does not hangs in mail queue anymore.
14. [-] "subdomainmng: Error: paramenter 'cl-id' wasn't specified" error eliminated.
15. [-] Autoresponder crash problem is resolved.
16. [-] statistics utility reliability improved.
17. [*] It is now possible to disable Updater feature and remove the Updater button from the Server Administration page.
18. [-] CST time zone is now set properly.
19. [-] Problem with CSS of phpMyAdmin right panel is resolved.
20. [-] Error on Server -> Application Vault page is resolved.
21. [*] Mambo works with safe_mode = On.
22. [-] migration.log is now rotated if it's size exceeds 1 GB.
23. [-] Incompatibility with some configurations of IE 6.0 on mail name, web user and database creation pages is resolved.
24. [+] Integration with HSPc 3.1 is now supported.
25. [*] Integration with VZPP is improved.
26. [+] New OS version supported (FreeBSD 5.3).
27. [+] Build for FreeBSD 4.9 is now available.

What's new in Plesk v.7.5.1 build 75041216.14
1. [-] "Reject mail to nonexistent user" option does not block mailing lists work.
2. [-] Domain user permissions are kept during password change.
3. [-] Problem with domain with database users rename is resoved.
4. [-] Autoresponder works properly.
5. [-] Problem with SuexecUserGroup directive absence is resolved.
6. [*] Lock screen can be disabled.
7. [-] SMTPS works.
8. [-] packagemng reliability improved.
9. [*] Control Panel PHP version changed to 4.3.10 (security vulnerability fixed).

What's new in Plesk v.7.5.0 build 75041208.19
1. [+] New OS version supported (SuSE 9.1).
2. [+] Modules API is introduced.
3. [+] Firewall configuration module added into distribution.
4. [+] Game Server module allows to manage Counter Strike server.
5. [+] VPN is now supported through VPN module.
6. [+] It is now possible to install and remove Language Packs through control panel.
7. [+] Samba server is now configurable through Fileserver module.
8. [+] 401 (unauthorized) HTTP error page is now customizable.
9. [+] It is now possible to set FTP password management permission for domain level users.
10. [+] Disk space counting can be performed in bytes or blocks.
11. [+] Mail to nonexistent user can be rejected as well as bounced or catched.
12. [+] 24 new site applications added into distribution.
13. [+] 7 new pre-installed skins added.

[+] new feature
[-] bug fixed or removed
[*] bug fixed and improvement made


- Spammassassin Email antispam tool installed.

More information on using Spamassasin is available here.


- Upgrade of Plesk control panel from version 7.0.3 to Plesk Reloaded 7.1.1.
The following features were added to the system:

What's new in Plesk v.7.1.1 build 71040802.18
 1. [+] Four new skins added.
 2. [+] You can add custom Apache directives for subdomains the same way as for domains.

 4. [+] Automated Key Update System implemented.
 5. [+] Plesk Auto Upgrade Mechanism added.
 6. [+] Migration Manager added.
 7. [+] International Domain Names are now supported.
 8. [+] Users are now able to choose the interface language upon login.
 9. [+] Optional Professional Website Editor Add-on included into distribution.
10. [+] Security increased with an option to allow Chrooted Shell access.
11. [+] Java SSH Client integrated into control panel.
12. [+] Custom Buttons Management is greatly improved.
13. [+] Enhanced integration with Virtuozzo 2.6.
14. [+] It is now possible to limit visible length of buttons captions.
15. [+] The use of site applications can be restricted to specific clients.
16. [+] It is now possible to change settings for a number of mail names at once using the Group Operations.
17. [+] GUI for Event Manager added.
18. [+] A number of new events added to Event Manager.
19. [+] Ability to preview a site prior to DNS propagation added.
20. [+] A default client account is created for housing administrator's domains.
21. [+] Anonymous FTP welcome message is managed through control panel.
22. [+] Domain backup/restore can be performed on/from remote FTP server.
23. [+] It is now possible to change full hostname through control panel.
24. [+] Domain backup can be scheduled as well as backup files rotation 
can be set up through the control panel. 25. [+] Ability to upload/download skins through control panel added. 26. [+] Session Manager supports FTP sessions. 27. [+] Client/domain reports can be delivered automatically on schedule. 28. [+] Time zone can be set through control panel. 29. [+] Backup Utilities are now included into Plesk distribution. 30. [+] You can now edit site application packages descriptions. 31. [+] Access to Web statistics is now password-protected by default. 32. [*] Administrator's domain templates details are now visible to clients. 33. [+] It is now possible to set encrypted passwords for protected directories users. 34. [+] Plesk license key can be uploaded through the control panel. 35. [+] All site applications have icons for custom buttons in distribution. 36. [+] Site applications can be key protected. 37. [*] Interface usability improved. 38. [*] It is now possible to use netmask 39. [+] server_pref.sh utility is now capable to manage default skin and defaultlanguage of control panel. 40. [+] maillist.sh utility implemented to manage mailing lists. 41. [+] Plesk uses RFC 2047 compilant notifications headers. 42. [*] Plesk sets correct "Content-Type" and "charset" in generated e-mails headers.

Front Page extensaions were upgraded to version 5.0-51


- Upgrade of Plesk control panel from version 6.0.2 to Plesk 7.0.3.


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- Online tutorials for how to use and setup your Plesk Control Panel are available here.